Our Story

A million things happened beforehand, but it began on a Saturday afternoon sitting next to an abandoned pool that looked out over a beautiful old cherry orchard…
There, during a conversation that was atypically deep and surprisingly effortless, two people not looking for one another found each other and never looked back.

That is how the story goes, your heart tells you to leap and you leap not with closed eyes and fingers crossed, but with open eyes to witness it all and open arms to embrace it…

Remarkably now years and years later, we have managed to adhere to that same mindset.

Each step a leap seemingly bigger than the last although none as big as the first. Pebble said, “Here, try this.” Justin asked, “Do you want some fruit?” Eric suggested, “Why don’t you buy that piece?’ Viquel quipped, “Should we stop trying to not have kids and see what happens?” All simple sentences spoken at times when we hadn’t fathomed the outcome of simply replying, “Sure, why not?”.

We are neither brilliant with superior intuition, nor blissfully ignorant with remarkably good luck.

Maybe we are a little bit of both. Either way, we started with nothing but our pockets full of optimism and a willingness to get in over our heads and somehow found ourselves in the middle of a dream. We are grateful to have two boys that remind us daily that there is no greater day than today, a piece of land with views Eden would envy, a wine brand that provides an outlet for our creative energy and of course, one another. That, and what is yet to
come, is our story.

with much gratitude,

The Hawley Family