In Toto 2017

In Toto 2017


Fresh cherry, lilac, mushroom, wet forest floor, and dried wildflowers.

2017 In Toto

100% Pinot Noir

102 Cases


Summer '20

Pinot Noir is a varietal that does a fantastic job of showcasing the unique characteristics of the place where it is grown. Each of our vineyard designate Lagom wines are prime examples of varietal tied to place. The subtleties and delicate balance of the wines makes it a bit challenging to blend wines from multiple sites. In Toto accepts this challenge through a selection of barrels from each of the three vineyards that bring together the distinct differences from each site while weaving together the subtle underlying similarities that tie the wines together. The result is an expression of Pinot Noir that is layered and complex with a seamless texture and remarkable depth. Each vineyard is fermented and aged separately for 19 months. Once the blend has been selected, it is bottled without fining or filtration and aged for an additional 12 months prior to release. The wine is fantastic now, but will no doubt reach its full potential with time in the cellar.